myofascial release • cranial sacral • visceral manipulation • colorpuncture


What is myofascial release? It’s a gentle stretching technique. By the therapist applying pressure to areas of restriction in the body, it creates greater range of motion with freedom from pain.

Is it deep and does it hurt? The connective tissue that wraps around everything is contacted, so at times it feels very deep and yet the touch is superficial. You may feel pain but it should remain at the level of the good pain, where you feel the body releasing with it and not the bad pain where it feels like the pain is never going to end. If you ever feel the bad pain, let your therapist know.

What is cupping? It’s an old folk remedy that is used to decongest tissues. Glass or plastic cups are used to create a vacuum that bring deep congestion in the tissues to the surface to be released. What’s it good for? Helps loosen chronically tight muscles and can increase range of motion with decreased pain. It can also help with congestion in the lungs to help ease breathing.

What is craniosacral? It uses the cranium and the sacrum with its connection via the spinal column and its connective tissue to balance the body from its most internal place, using gentle holds. Also, it stimulates the endorphins (natural pain relievers in the body) to create wonderful feelings of well-being.

What is visceral manipulation? Everything in your body is in motion, even when you’re lying still. Your organs have a motion that when disturbed can create pain in many areas of the body. Visceral manipulation, once again using light pressure, assists in bringing harmony and balance back to the organs and thereby reducing pain and creating greater freedom of movement.

What is colorpuncture? This is an alternative medicine practice asserting that colored lights can be used to stimulate acupuncture points to promote healing and better health. It is a form of chromotherapy or color therapy.